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Broken Crankshaft Balance Weight Bolt on Ships Main Engine

Broken crank shaft bolt removal in progress

2nd March 2011

Broken Crankshaft Balance Weight Bolt on Ships Main Engine

Foretract deploy to Denmark to carry out urgent stud removal from supply vessel main engine crankshaft. A same day response was required when a supply vessel superintendant called with a requirement to remove a broken crankshaft balance weight bolt. A method was developed using information provided by the Danish engineer, special tooling was manufactured immediately and a technician travelled by overnight ferry to Denmark.

On arrival at the vessel the next day, Foretract’s equipment was set up and the stud successfully removed by operating Foretract’s spark erosion equipment inside the engine crankcase via the crankcase door. The entire inside of the crankcase was sealed off using plastic sheet to prevent contamination of the lube oil.

The Foretract technician returned to the UK on the same ferry, leaving Denmark just 5 hours after arrival in the country

Services Overview

  • Rapid removal of seized/broken studs from 6mm up to 100mm diameter.
  • Worldwide service from strategic bases in Europe, Middle and Far East.
  • Foretract use the latest in house developed Spark Erosion (Metal Disintegration) Equipment.
  • Lightweight equipment can travel with technicians on commercial flights.
  • Ultrasonic crack testing of cylinder head studs.
  • Remote removal of broken cylinder head studs on marine engines making strip down of cylinder unit unnecessary.
  • Database of stud sizes and mounting plates required for most Marine Engines and Gas Turbines.
  • Safety and Environmental policy.
  • Fully trained professional personnel.
  • Extensive product and PLI cover.

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