Foretract Engineering

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality

Safety First

Our highest priority at Foretract Engineering is the safety of our employees, customers, and other contractors. We are committed to safety excellence and strive daily for zero injuries and incidents.

Foretract Engineering is committed to conducting our business in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public.

To meet this commitment, Foretract ensures that it complies with all applicable laws, regulations and internal requirements, as well as to facilitate the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and personnel. Foretract will set an example of leadership in the field of health, safety and environmental management, and will promote resource conservation, the reduction of waste and pollution prevention.

Promoting HSEQ

Foretract will work with our suppliers, contractors and customers to promote responsible HSEQ practices. We will work with the government, industry, and public in support of laws, regulations, standards and other programs that safeguard the community, workplace and the environment. We will also support education and research that promotes and advances HSEQ progress and knowledge for the common good.

Foretract will maintain communication and dialogue with the public regarding workplace HSEQ issues and will communicate with our stakeholders regarding health or environmental risks related to the services we provide. We will report publicly on our progress and on our overall impact.


Our Policies are carried with technicians attending customer’s sites/ships, and are available for inspection along with the relevant Risk assessments and method statements for the task being carried out.

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