Brighton Victorian Fountain overhaul

3rd June 2024

Foretract were involved in the restoration of the Victorian fountain in Brighton which was built in 1846 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 27th birthday.

Over the years the fountain had “settled” and the water no longer flowed evenly over the rim of the cast iron bowls.

The main contractor Cast Iron Welding Services – asked us to machine the bowl flanges. Our technicians used a laser level mounted on a flange facing machine to track the bowl rim (where the water flowed over the edge) – this was then used as a datum to adjust and set up the facing machine to be cutting on the same plane as the bowl rim.

The restored fountain is now back in operation with new pumps and LED lighting – with water flowing evenly over the rim of both bowls!

More information about the project as a whole and the award it received can be found here from the Brighton and Hove city council.

Fountain flange facing machining

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