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Broken Cylinder Head Stud Removed from Scottish Ferry

Broken Cylinder Head Stud Removed from Scottish Ferry

28th August 2018

Broken Cylinder Head Stud Removed from Scottish Ferry


Foretract received an urgent call from the MV Hebrides that runs between Uig on the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides.

The ship’s engineers had noticed a broken cylinder head stud, but the engine was still running without problem. The Foretract engineer who was working at Plymouth when the call came in, drove the 700miles to Uig (collecting additional equipment from our workshop while passing Penrith). On arrival he sailed with the ship to Tarbert where it was berthed overnight.

Within 3 hours of arrival Tarbert the broken cylinder head stud had been removed from the bottom of the entablature pocket without removing the cylinder head. A new stud was fitted and tightened down using the manufacturer’s procedure.

Foretract’s fast response meant that the ferry didn’t miss any crossings or cause delays to timetables.


Services Overview

  • Rapid removal of seized/broken studs from 6mm up to 100mm diameter.
  • Worldwide service from strategic bases in Europe, Middle and Far East.
  • Foretract use the latest in house developed Spark Erosion (Metal Disintegration) Equipment.
  • Lightweight equipment can travel with technicians on commercial flights.
  • Ultrasonic crack testing of cylinder head studs.
  • Remote removal of broken cylinder head studs on marine engines making strip down of cylinder unit unnecessary.
  • Database of stud sizes and mounting plates required for most Marine Engines and Gas Turbines.
  • Safety and Environmental policy.
  • Fully trained professional personnel.
  • Extensive product and PLI cover.

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