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Seized Studs Removed from Plastic Extrusion Pump for International Chemical Company

Seized Studs Removed from Plastic Extrusion Pump

5th October 2005

Seized Studs Removed from Plastic Extrusion Pump for International Chemical Company

Contact was made with Foretract Engineering by a major chemical company based near Manchester at 0830hrs.

They had an emergency unplanned shut down taking place. The bearings in their main plastic pellet extrusion pump had failed. Engineers from the pump manufacturer had arrived on site with replacement parts and stripped the pump. Three M42 studs holding on the side covers had to have the heads cut off, as they had seized in the housing. Photographs and dimensions were E- mailed to our offices in Cumbria, a method statement was produced while electrodes and alignment bushes were machined in our workshops. Foretract Engineering staff were on site by 1500hrs. Before work commenced a full site risk assessment was completed. While removing the three M42 studs it was discovered that two M16 studs also needed removing. By 0200hrs on the following morning all the damaged studs has been removed and the pump unit was ready for reassembly.

Services Overview

  • Rapid removal of seized/broken studs from 6mm up to 100mm diameter.
  • Worldwide service from strategic bases in Europe, Middle and Far East.
  • Foretract use the latest in house developed Spark Erosion (Metal Disintegration) Equipment.
  • Lightweight equipment can travel with technicians on commercial flights.
  • Ultrasonic crack testing of cylinder head studs.
  • Remote removal of broken cylinder head studs on marine engines making strip down of cylinder unit unnecessary.
  • Database of stud sizes and mounting plates required for most Marine Engines and Gas Turbines.
  • Safety and Environmental policy.
  • Fully trained professional personnel.
  • Extensive product and PLI cover.

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