Foretract Engineering

Turbine Overhauls, Seized Stud Removal

Foretract Engineering is equipped to deal with stud removal in the power generation, oil and gas industries. Personnel and equipment is available for both planned and emergency turbine shutdowns.

Foretract’s methods of working can effectively save days of lost time when seized/broken studs are encountered during a turbine outage.

On steam turbines and heavy industrial turbines (usually frame 5-9) the work scope is the removal of flange studs to facilitate the removal of top casings. After removal of the casings the threaded holes in the casings are made ready by Foretract for re-assembly. These studs are sometimes located in tight access situations that would be difficult to access with a drill.

We are also regularly asked to work on smaller aero derivative gas turbines found in plants as well as ship’s propulsion units. Very often the studs in the exhaust duct flange are broken /seized after turbine removal. These studs are usually small, but are made from very hard material that is difficult to drill. Foretract’s auto feed spark erosion equipment makes this a very fast operation without damage to the hole threads.

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